Shri Vichitra Kumar Sinha

Freedom Fighter | Journalist | Poet | Writer | Social Worker 


Late Shri Vichitra Kumar Sinhaji who had a dynamic personality was born in the year 1924 in Guna (Madhya Pradesh) to Advocate Shri Umacharanji. He was a Writer, Poet, Politician, Freedom Fighter and Social Worker all at the same time. In 1939, at an age of fifteen years, he joined the Flag Satyagrah a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience. During Indian Independence struggle he was sent to jail four times. As a freedom fighter he acquired the titles of Bachelor of Arts and 'Sahitya Ratan'. In 1940, he established the first Hindi School and Harijan Pathshala of Bhopal Riyasat. He also established a Mitra-Mandal in Bhopal to facilitate the activities during the freedom struggle. He was also connected with the Swadeshi Movement and was a patron of Khadi usage. He also published handprinted magazine 'Mitrdesh'. His published works include 'Vidroh (1945)', 'Chitrakaar Se' (Compilation of poems), Swayamvara (Compilation of short stories) and 'Kundaliyan Jo Maine Kahee' (Parts I and II). He also wrote many articles in magazines Vishal Bharat, Saraswati, Hans, Dharmayug, Kadambini, and many other of the time. As a Journalist from 1942-1947 he published 'Panchsheel' and from 1956-1967 he published 'Hindi Blitz'. In 1972, he started the publication of Vichitra Vinod which is still in publication. In 1995, he inaugurated Dainik Kshitij Kiran the first Hindi newspaper published in the Hoshangabad division. 

About us 

In the fond memory of Shri Vihcitra Kumar Sinhaji, who was a dynamic personality with contributions in various fields like Literature, Journalism, Politics, Social Work and with an active role in the freedom struggle of India, we at "Shri Vichitra Kumar Sinha Memorial Society" aim to keep the values with which he lived his life alive in the contemporary society. We aim to reincarnate his virtues in the society by felicitating and applauding the contributions of people who have worked in these fields with absolute nobility. 

DWAND'20 Annual Debating Championship

.Every year we organize DWAND- An Annual Debate Championship for students from various Universities/Colleges to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and perspectives to the youth which cares for the society and places value to various subjects affecting us. We look forward to your participation.

His Contributions

He has worked in various fields with utmost simplicity he has left a mark in each of the following fields. 


Poems, Plays, Articles, Stories



Newspapers before and after 1947

Freedom Movement 

Annual Felicitation Ceremony 

Every year on 14th of February his birth anniversary we organize Vichitra Kumar Sinha Smriti Samahroh (a felicitation ceremony).

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